Why 24-hour care?

We offer loving, dedicated 24-hour home care services so that you or your family member can continue to live in the comfort of one’s own home. The live-in care au pair provides tailor-made care, all covered by the Personal Budget (Persoonsgebonden Budget, PGB).

Most of us assume that a care facility is the only option when we can no longer take care of ourselves. When you have the option, however, you would probably prefer to remain living at home. Our 24-hour in-home care enables you to receive all the professional care and assistance you need without compromising on the comfort and safety of your own home. Your independence, freedom of choice and dignity are vital to your health and happiness, and we will make every effort to preserve them.

Living in your own environment

You can remain living in your own home environment the way you are accustomed to. The social interaction with family and friends that makes you happy can be maintained, and you do not have to say goodbye to your pets. You can remain part of society and your community, close to your loved ones. You can continue attending church or other important or spiritual gatherings. This is all thanks to the care and assistance of our carers, who are there to support you through respectful and dedicated 24-hour care in your own home.

Special support

The support provided by your carer goes far beyond general assistance and housekeeping. They are sociable and do things that regular home care does not allow time for, such as visiting family or friends, going out on a trip or shopping. Especially when you live alone, staying connected to the people and activities you love is beneficial for your well-being and health.

Remain in charge

The live-in care au pair will always provide you with the support you need. This allows you, your family and other caregivers to maintain one’s own social and professional life without compromising the care of your family member. You remain in charge of your family member’s health and well-being. Your family member will be intensely happy knowing that they can continue to live at home without burdening family and friends.

Continue living together

Elderly couples in need of care can both stay together. They do not have to be split up, which can be a very drastic, undesirable situation that contributes to regression. Allowing elderly couples to stay together can prevent a lot of psychological issues. Research has shown that staying at home reduces the hospitalisation rate. The option of 24-hour in-home care is safer for our clients and makes them happier.

The difference with a care facility

In general, little is known about the options available when one can no longer live independently and needs permanent care. Most people believe a care facility is the best option for them once they reach a certain age. While care facilities such as nursing homes or residential homes do their utmost to provide quality care, they are still institutions with their own rules and regulations. For clients, this means that the type of freedom they are accustomed to becomes restricted. The care provided is limited to certain times, and additional needs can hardly be met due to lack of time, lack of staff or due to temporary workers who do not know you. Moreover, the cost of living in a care facility or nursing home is often high.

Recent studies paint a clear picture: 97% of all people feel best in their own home, which helps with maintaining a sense of freedom, independence and dignity. This is very beneficial for their health. More than 71% of people have the desire to be able to continue living at home after they reach the age of 75. Our one-to-one, 24-hour in-home care can make this wish a reality, even for people with a medical condition or reduced mobility.

We always begin the process with an intake interview. Once a mutual agreement has been reached, our 24-hour care starts when our carer moves in to provide you or your family member with personalised care around the clock. The carers will provide as much or as little care as you want; everything will be laid down in a personal care plan that is fully in line with your wishes. The care will be provided by a permanent team of two carers who will alternate every 3 to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions or if you think it would be stifling or unpleasant for you if someone were to live with you, Inhome Care Partners will guide you every step of the way. And believe us when we tell you that you will not want it any other way once you get used to it.

We have the expertise to help you find the right care au pair: someone you click with; who has the right experience and skills to provide the care you need; and who has the type of personality that suits you best so you can establish a relationship built on trust. In the unlikely event that a selected care au pair turns out not to be a match, we will work together to find a solution. If necessary, another care au pair can be selected.


Why is our care affordable?

Our 24-hour in-home care is fully covered by the Personal Budget (Persoonsgebonden Budget, PGB) and Care Intensity Package (Zorgzwaartepakket, ZZP) that you have been allocated. This is much more affordable than what is provided through the Dutch home care organisations. Our affordable rate is made possible because we work with care au pairs from other parts of Europe.

The cost of living there is lower than in the Netherlands, and the care au pairs do not need to pay for room and board in the Netherlands. Another reason why we work with care au pairs from other parts of Europe is that it is part of the European caretakers culture to care for their elderly. Our au pairs have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to providing your family member with the loving care they need. All au pairs are well educated, have a professional approach and are fluent in German or English.

Our way of working enables us to charge a relatively low rate while guaranteeing the professional and loving care of your family member. That is the agreement you enter into with Inhome Care Partners. We provide a suitable care au pair for the care and assistance your family member needs. Our 24-hour in-home care is now available to everyone!

What should I offer?

The carer will be living with you and, as such, become part of the household. Just like you, our carers value their privacy. By providing the carer with their own room in your home, the privacy of both parties is guaranteed. The carer will have their own space where they can take a break, rest and sleep, preferably with a TV and internet access. The carer will cook your meals and join you for the meals if you prefer. The breaks and rest times will be determined in consultation with you.

A private space for the care au pair coming to live with you

If you like, the carer can join you for meals

What will a care au pair do for my loved one?

In terms of medical care, the general practitioner and other medical specialists are your family member’s primary care providers. The Inhome Care Partners care au pair covers the additional care needs at home so that your family member always receives the best possible care. The care au pair provides care, support and assistance, but your family member will be encouraged to continue to carry out as much of the care as possible themselves.

At Inhome Care Partners, all personal wishes and needs can be discussed. Our Inhome Care au pair provides you or your family member with round-the-clock care. This starts with helping out in the morning, getting dressed and having breakfast. The au pair gives the medication and assists you or your family member during the day, which can include taking a walk together, watching TV and having a cup of tea/coffee, all with a good balance between enough activity and rest. The au pair also takes care of dinner and assists with the bedtime ritual at the end of the day. With our 24-hour in-home care, we improve the quality of life and relieve the strain on the family and other relations.

Personal care and household chores

This is a broad term for various tasks, which can include maintaining personal hygiene, washing and dressing, physical care and grooming. The carer will make sure that the house remains clean and the household chores are carried out. Pets will also be cared for. If desired, the au pair will also take care of groceries.


The perfect match with a carer has been found and with it the companionship you need: someone to talk to and have a nice chat over a cup of tea with, and reassurance when you need it. The carer will always be there when you need her, but she will also be discreet when you have no need for company or want to spend time alone with your family.

Social and emotional support

The care plan will outline your social interests and preferences, and the carer will help you with all your hobbies and activities at home and away from home. The carer will support you, so you continue to feel connected with family and friends and can attend social events and gatherings in your environment.

Social support

If you have a medical condition, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or any other medical condition, your professional carer will be trained to provide you with the necessary care so that your quality of life remains optimal.

Medical administration and management

Your carer will proactively and efficiently keep track of medication so you can be assured of being in good hands. They are familiar with your personal care plan and update a daily report of the care provided.

Planning and cooking meals

The carers will plan meals independently or together with you, if you wish, taking into account your diet, any nutritional requirements and all personal wishes. You will not miss out on your favourite meals.

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