Who do we work for?

Inhome Care Partners provides the care and nursing that you or your loved one need, on a 24-hour basis and in your own home. This prevents you from having to be moved to a nursing home, care institution, hospice or small-scale residential care. The care au pairs of Inhome Care Partners work all across the country and provide 24-hour care for persons with various illnesses and conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, ALS, neuropathy and Parkinson’s disease. We can also offer rehabilitative care and care after hospitalisation to recover at home.

There are also degrees of care, of course, which may include medical treatment with wound care and other conceivable necessary care. The care au pairs provide basic home care. The general practitioner and other medical specialists are responsible for all medical treatments. Upon request, we will maintain close contact with the general practitioner, geriatrics specialist or medical specialist. Visits to the hospital can be arranged by the care au pair of Inhome Care Partners. Our largest group of clients are the elderly who, due to their advanced age, are no longer able to live independently. Someone can live independently as long as they are capable of doing basic daily activities and manage their own household. Basic daily activities that are important for living independently include:

When a person can no longer do these activities independently due to physical or mental limitations, they need assistance. Once it is no longer responsible to live without such assistance, a decision must be made on how to proceed. Thanks to the 24-hour in-home care provided by Inhome Care Partners, people in need of care and assistance can continue to live in the comfort of their own home and social environment.

The intake interview

As a partner in providing you with care, we are happy to offer you a non-binding, extensive intake interview that is free of charge, during which we will work together to find a solution to your personal care needs.

The intake interview is conducted by our care manager, an experienced all-round nurse, who prefers to visit you on location. We work all over the country. Once there is mutual agreement on the care to be provided, the care manager will fill in the registration form together with you during the intake interview. This form will include the name, address, place of residence and phone number of the care recipient(s) and the contact person. During the intake interview, the following topics will be discussed in detail so that we can select a suitable care au pair.

Personal care plan

Every person is unique. Our carers provide the care and assistance that suit the specific needs of your family member. Together with you, we determine what the care plan will look like so that our carers can provide optimal individual care and assistance.

You will be kept informed via a weekly report. The carer who moves in with you will receive a professional personal care plan tailored to your needs. This will include a comprehensive and complete description of the care and assistance to be provided. This care plan is created with input from the care recipient and is always adapted if necessary.

The care plan describes the care and assistance as well as the choices you make about how you live your life, your preferences and the social and emotional support you need. This is a holistic approach to ensure that your health, well-being and quality of life remain optimal. The care plan includes daily reporting on the care provided.

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Financing of our 24-hour care

Depending on your ZZP (4VV, 5VV, 6VV or 7VV), you will receive a Personal Budget (PGB) under the Long-term Care Act (Wet Langdurige Zorg, Wlz). The care office will assist you in obtaining your PGB and the right care package to suit your medical situation (see https://www.regelhulp.nl/ik-heb-hulp-nodig/zorgkantoor).

Everything is subject to strict requirements and is double-checked, as is the case with Inhome Care Partners. The PGB is paid out by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to a care provider approved by the care office. This means that you will not receive any direct payments into your own account. The PGB for the year 2020 for protected living with intensive dementia care (ZZP indication 5VV) or intensive care and nursing (ZZP indication 6VV) is €52,286. The holder of the PGB (yourself or a budget holder appointed and authorised by you) keeps an eye on how the PGB is spent but has no control over the payments. This is done by the SVB as it pays the PGB monthly, depending on the ZZP indication of your family member, to the care provider approved by the care office.

This means that the family can use the PGB to purchase care from care providers that have been approved by the care office. Inhome Care Partners is such an approved care provider. For the PGB Wlz rates in 2020, see https://www.informatielangdurigezorg.nl/documenten/publicaties/2020/01/10/tarieventabel- persoonsgebonden-budget-wlz. The costs at Inhome Care Partners are about a quarter of what it would cost if comparable care were provided by Dutch organisations. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone: for the client, for the family, for the care au pair and also for health care expenses in the Netherlands.

For questions about the PGB, please get in touch with our specialist, Mrs M.B.M. de Jong – de Lexhy, via +31 (0)653577526.

COVID-19 and safety

It is important that vulnerable people continue to receive appropriate care and assistance, even at a time when there is not yet a vaccine that adequately protects against the coronavirus. That is why the care and assistance provided by our carers will continue. Our carers are aware of and follow the guidelines and quality requirements concerning COVID-19 and know the basic rules of hygiene. These can be found on the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus-covid-19/professionals). For example, our carers will not be in contact with your loved one if they experience cold symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, rising temperature or fever.

Inhome Care Partners will arrange for a replacement carer in such cases. Our carers work following the prescribed health regulations. They regularly wash their hands with soap and water. It is also preferable that disinfectant liquid is present, such as hand sanitiser containing at least 70% ethanol. They use paper towels. They do not shake hands. They keep the prescribed social distance of 1.5 metres and ensure that all visitors also comply with the regulations. If your loved one has any symptoms indicative of COVID-19, the carer will use suitable personal protective equipment (gloves, protective masks) so that the care can continue as usual. They will also make sure that your loved one’s visitors do the same.

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