Who are we?

Inhome Care Partners is a leading organisation in 24-hour in-home care. Our care au pairs meet the highest quality standards so that your family member can continue to live safely and happily in their own home, without the stress and discomforts of moving to a care facility. Your family member can continue to enjoy a high quality of life, in the comfort of their own home and among their social network of family and friends. Our 24-hour in-home care service relieves the strain on the family and other informal caregivers so that their lives can continue as usual.

de Jong, MSN

Managing Director Care

Beatrice de Jong (1956) was trained as a nurse at the Prinsengracht hospital in Amsterdam. She has extensive experience in medical care. She was an evening, night, weekend supervisor (WAN hoofd) at a nursing home, worked at medical nurseries and did the medical screening for asylum seekers. In recent years, she has worked in district nursing and palliative care. As the managing director of Inhome Care Partners, she is responsible for the intake interviews, personal care plans and supervision of the care au pairs.

Dr. Ron Hochstenbach

Managing Director Cooperative

Ron Hochstenbach (1960) is a laboratory specialist in clinical genetics at the Amsterdam UMC. As a board member of GenQA, an international organisation that monitors the quality of laboratory tests, he knows better than anyone how important it is to continuously monitor and improve the quality of care, including at Inhome Care Partners.

Our motivation

The motivation for founding Inhome Care Partners was inspired by a mix of personal experiences in the search for the best care for our mother/mother-in-law. She could no longer live independently at the age of almost one hundred years old. We found out that few 24-hour in-home care providers could achieve a truly high standard of affordable service. Because we work with qualified, experienced care au pairs, we can meet that standard.

Our organisation

Inhome Care Partners is a cooperative. We are a small company with a flat organisational structure. Our experienced care manager Beatrice de Jong is an all-round, level 5 BIG-registered nurse. She conducts the intake interviews so that she is fully aware of your personal care needs. Our carers are from Hungary. Unlike other 24-hour home care providers, we appoint the carers directly. We jointly manage their work and make sure their training and education are more extensive than is customary in this field. By offering favourable terms of employment, we strive to ensure that they will continue to work with us for a long time. A basic Dutch language proficiency course is taught by our language specialist, Mrs M.B.M. de Jong – de Lexhy, who also coordinates the translation app. We are located in Nieuwer Ter Aa, in the Green Heart of Holland. Our care au pairs work all across the country.

Contact us

You can use the contact form to contact the Inhome Care Partners care manager. If you are not yet a client, please feel free to contact Inhome Care Partners for 24-hour care at home for your family member. Our care manager Beatrice de Jong will be happy to visit you at your location for an extensive intake interview free of charge. This interview is non-binding, but we are confident that you will be convinced that Inhome Care Partners is the right choice.

If you have any urgent questions, please contact us by phone on +31 (0)611616459.

COVID-19 and safety

It is important that vulnerable people continue to receive appropriate care and assistance, even at a time when there is not yet a vaccine that adequately protects against the coronavirus. That is why the care and assistance provided by our carers will continue. Our carers are aware of and follow the guidelines and quality requirements concerning COVID-19 and know the basic rules of hygiene. These can be found on the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus-covid-19/professionals). For example, our carers will not be in contact with your loved one if they experience cold symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, rising temperature or fever. Inhome Care Partners will arrange for a replacement carer in such cases.

Our carers work following the prescribed health regulations. They regularly wash their hands with soap and water. It is also preferable that disinfectant liquid is present, such as hand sanitiser containing at least 70% ethanol. They use paper towels. They do not shake hands. They keep the prescribed social distance of 1.5 metres and ensure that all visitors also comply with the regulations. If your loved one has any symptoms matching COVID-19, the carer will use suitable personal protective equipment (gloves, protective masks) so that the care can continue as usual. They will also make sure that your loved one’s visitors do the same.

Privacy and confidentiality

We handle your personal data with care. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, which defines how we should handle your personal data. For example, we must be able to demonstrate that we comply with the law, and we are obligated to appoint a Data Protection Officer. You can read about your rights as a client and the obligations of InHome Care Partners in our Privacy Statement. You will find answers to questions such as the following:

Our standards and values

Careful selection of our carers

Our carers meet the highest standards. We adhere to a strict admission process and select our carers based on their qualifications in the care of the elderly and/or sick, their good references, their proficiency in the English or German language and their willingness to take a Dutch language proficiency course. We offer them support and a good salary to show our appreciation for their commitment. By evaluating and monitoring their work, we can ensure that knowledge and skills are always up to standards, as you can read in the summary of the daily care reports.

Reliability, dedication and respect

Our care au pairs are dedicated and loving; they ensure that your family member is cared for, treated with respect and assisted in all their daily activities. Dignity and quality of life are paramount. The agreements regarding care and assistance are laid down in the care plan so that you know exactly what you can expect from care au pairs. The carers will sign a confidentiality agreement, as is customary in healthcare.

Professional expertise

Our care au pairs are knowledgeable and experienced in caring for people with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, cerebral haemorrhage, rehabilitation, cancer and other medical conditions.


Our carers approach the client from a holistic view, focusing on the individual and on supporting and assisting with all medical, emotional and social needs.


Our care au pairs know and understand the personal care needs of your loved one and are perfectly attuned to them. The agreements regarding the care are laid down in the care plan and are adapted in case of changes in the care requirement. Changes are evaluated and adjusted accordingly. Thanks to regular consultation with the care manager, adjustments can be put into practice quickly.

Continuous monitoring

Our care manager is an experienced, level 5 BIG-registered nurse. She supervises the work of your care au pairs and regularly checks in with them to see if everything is going well. This enables us to quickly take appropriate measures in the event of changes.


We greatly value the employment conditions of our carers. We ensure that our care au pairs are happy to work with us by supporting them where necessary so they can continue to provide excellent care in your home.


We are always available if you have any questions or comments. In case of urgent matters, we can also be reached after opening hours.

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